"I Choose Living" Cancer Retreat

Emotional and Mental Support and Healing Retreat For People Affected by Cancer

One week of transformational work mixed with education and pleasure, in a nice healing environment, will provide nurturing that your body, mind and soul needs.

Here is the Feedback from attendees.

Here is the List of benefits that participants noticed at the end of the retreat.

In the video bellow is a feedback from participants that assessed the retreat as the beginning of a new era in the way of supporting cancer affected people.

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The word “cancer” creates worries, fears, even panic among those who are diagnosed.

The shock of diagnosis can be as threatening as the diagnosis itself. Terrific stories that one hears and reads about are often discouraging, at times devastating. That creates even more complications.

Emotional support leads to a much better quality of life. The body can often reactivate self healing once the emotional blockages are removed, and coping skills are implemented.

In this unique RETREAT experience, the cancer affected person will:

•    leave many fears and worries behind
•    leave many other cancer related feelings behind
•    learn how emotions and beliefs affect their health
•    learn the most likely emotional reason for their initial problem
•    learn essential coping skills in everyday life that will protect you from further impacts of your environment, ultimately leading to higher resiliency
•    discover an attitude that will serve you in a supportive way
•    at the same time your body will be nurtured with healthy foods that support your healing

Listen to the interview with Jasmina Kovacev, the main facilitator of the Retreat on Blogtalk Radio: Effective Support: Body, mind & spirit for those with cancer

“I have felt such relief working with Jasmina. From the first session I felt something shift both physically and emotionally. Her skill, compassion and understanding are a life line for me and I feel a new confidence in my ability to heal. I am looking forward to a new life free from old emotional patterns.”

Ann Miller, States, multiple myeloma

Jasmina Kovacev, BSc, is the main leader of the program and will be safely working with you, using range of emotions-mind-body-energy techniques. Other practitioners will be involved with complementing healing and relaxing approaches.

Jasmina is known as EFT expert, though she  has many modalities to draw on being trained in 27 different ones and, such as:  BSc (Phytomedicine), NLP (Master), Adv PSYCH-K, basic Theta healing, German New Medicine, Meta Medicine, Life Coaching, Wealth Coaching, Diploma in Herbal Medicine, Applied and Holistic Iridology, plus more…

“I recommend Jasmina Kovacev as a very effective and compassionate support person. She has been my anchor through the difficult times whilst healing from breast cancer. Whenever I work with her she helps bring back my equilibrium and sets me on the peaceful, hopeful path again. I have been able to work through troubling issues with her so that I feel a calm acceptance of my life. I experience Jasmina as a highly skilled, professional, caring and dedicated practitioner and I highly recommend her.”

Mary C. Business leader, New Zealand, breast cancer

Considering that this is a small exclusive group retreat, make sure that you or your loved one in need are part of the next group.

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We have been working hard on acquiring subsidies for those that can not afford the retreat and at times we get some sponsors to covering substantial amount off the full price.

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A supporting person can join with 50% off the regular price.

Feel free to contact us with any additional questions at:

027 608 0078 or 04 565 3888

Remember, this Retreat might be the breakthrough you’ve been looking for.

This might be what will make the biggest difference for you in this truly unique experience.

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